Pre K K Program

Literacy development
  • Develop an appreciation for authors, illustrators, types of literature
  • Develop an awareness for print and the written word
  • Recognize common words
  • Recognize initial consonant sounds
  • Recognize rhyming work families
  • Phoneme awareness
  • Develop large bank of nursery rhymes
  • Concept of left/right awareness
 Mathematical thinking and concepts
  • Identify and print numbers
  • Understand relationships between numbers
  • Graphing
  • Recognizing numbers in sequence
  • Basic concepts of geometry and symmetry
  • Develop an awareness of cardinal numbers
  • Understanding concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to

Refine pro social skills
Understand the world around us
Understand cultures and celebrations

Understanding concepts in science
  • Living and non- living
  • Weather and seasons
  • Habitats and environments

 Concepts of time
Concept of days of the week
Concept of the months of the year