• About us


    Our program is designed to foster creativity and independence, while promoting academic enrichment through a specifically designed, curriculum utilizing challenging and stimulating materials and teaching methods.

    The program cares for the child as a whole so that there is also emphasis placed


  • Our Teachers


    Our teachers work directly under the guidance of the educational director assuring quality programming and instruction. The staff is highly qualified and well trained, receiving in-service and on-going education. All teachers are NYS certified and are carefully screened through the State


  • Why Choose Oakdale Academy


    Oakdale Academy is a small private school serving children between the ages of one month and 5 years old. We also provide a summer camp program.

    We believe that we can offer your child the most unique and best school environment available.


Welcome To Oakdale Academy

Children work in small groups based upon their abilities rather than arbitrary chronological grouping rules. This ensures each child being able to work at his own pace and reach his own potential through opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving. Small grouping by ability allows us to respond to individual needs.

At Oakdale Academy we believe that each child is entitled to reach his or her full potential both as an academic learner as well as a well-rounded individual. We carefully attend to the academic development while nurturing the emotional growth and self-esteem of the child.